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cybercafe management software

Hi all,

don't know if this is the right list for such problems, but after all
a cybercafe is also an isp, so here it is:

I'm in search of a management software for a cybercafe. The firewall
will be debian, the stations will multiboot win/lin.

I'd like to be able to manage who can login on which machine, until
when, and if internet connectivity is granted. So clients pay, then
they are given a machine number and a username/password pair which is
valid on that machine until the time expires. Idem for internet
connectivity for that machine.

Client <-> machine mapping is a plus but not a requirement (but I
think it's easier to tell which machine can connect through the fw
than which client).

The most basic setup would be management of the firewall rules in a
clean interface, time management being done by hand. The system has to
be usable by a complete non techie, so no way to do it with a real
firewall management program.

Well, I think you get the idea of what I'd like. It does not have to
be a complete killer solution (although that would be best :-), but it
has to tackle the job and be simple to use.

Does it exist in the free world? Note that if it exists but not in
debian, I would be willing to package it.


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