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RE: backup

Apologies, I somehow punched "send" before I was done with my previous

> Amanda sounds promising (everyone is recommending it).

I'm afraid the reason everyone is recommending Amanda is because that's
all there is.
We used to use Amanda before we got a tape library and began backing up
all our servers into the library.  We have a heterogenous network
(Linux, Win2000 with Exchange, Oracle).  My experience with Amanda is
that it works pretty well if you 
are doing Unix clients only, but doing a heterogenous network requires
lots of scripting.  Plus Amanda doesn't drive tape changers/libraries
out of the box.  It needs some scripting to do that as well.

I recall that Arkeia does offer some free versions of its software, it's
now called Arkeia Light, and some information on it is here:


C. R. Oldham
Director of Technology

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