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Re: Debian Backup Server

I have 2 ideas:
You can use the same disk drive as the primary, and do a 'dd if=drive1
of=drive2' , that will make full backup

Or, the way i do on one of my servers, use rsync , i use it this way:
rsync -logptvr /etc /var /usr /home  /backup0/serv
(the last parameter is the directory where you mount the backup disk)

На сб, 2002-11-30 в 12:29, rizal@lasaltech.com записа:
>   Can anybody pls help me on how to have a full back up of a Mail Server
> (Running on Debian and Exim) ... I want to have a full backup of the mail
> Server on a different drive with all the users and directory permissions
> the same with the original server.

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