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Re: Problem with dlink DSL-Router

Hi Matias,

> ( If I understand you, you are not using pppoe, you are trying to route the
> packets, is it ok? ).

> You should have a rule in the output chain that ACCEPT packets to the
> destination ( or what you want ) for the interface eth0.
> In your output chain you only accept packets with output interface eth0 to
> ( broadcast ), to ( multicast ) and to
> ( this is why you can ping and manage your dlink ).
Ok, i did this. But it did not work. I forgot that i used ipmasq, too, so i 
disabled it. Maybe this interfered, don't know. And i changed the INPUT chain 
in the same manner (which may be wrong, because then all the benefits of 
packet filtering are gone).

Now the situation is the following:
I can ping the interface itself (the ppp-link held by the dlink) and i can 
ping the gateway for this interface (which is already an outside address). I 
can ping all the addresses outside - not by their names, but only by their 
numerical addresses. So this is now a nameserver problem. The strange part is 
that i can't reach those numerical addresses with any browser.

My resolv.conf looks like this:
search mydomain.net
nameserver (this is the dlink)
nameserver ... (of my provider)
nameserver ... (of my provider)

I read that the resolv.conf does only accept 3 addresses and played around a 
bit. But no matter what combination i tried, i can't ping addresses by their 
names but only by their numerical addresses. I disabled the internal firewall 
and filter of the dlink completely just to make sure that this is not the 

What am i doing wrong?
What's with the hosts,deny or hosts.allow files? Are they the ones i have to 

> That I can't understand is why you have a 0 in the drop packets count, do
> you reset the counters before list the output?
Either i did a reboot or it's simply because i used pppoe without the dlink.

Thanks so far,


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