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Re: Qmail/Postfix/Sendmail for fastest outgoing mail

> recently there was a patch floating on the qmail list that patches
> the way qmail-send runs. The result is having two processes instead,
> and one performance bottleneck within qmail-send removed. I don't
> recall the details, but the purported increase in performance
> should be at least a factor of 4-5 if I understood that well.
> You probably need other patches, too, to get
> concurrencyremote > 254.

I've heard of and installed the ">254 concurrencyremote" patch... to allow
about 400 concurrent remote connections, BUT I haven't heard of this other
patch you mention... sounds like it might increase speed considerably...
got any more info on it?

> > create so many simultaneous connections to slow remote hosts (waiting
> > around and stuff), and instead would be able to get email off faster
> > the Email box and thus free up load on the Qmail servers, so they can
> > other stuff more (Apache).
> Yes, but the now-central qmail server must be ramped up a bit since it
> will have the combined load of all other (former) mail servers.

Actually, I was kind of under the impression that since the dedicated
email server would be ONLY doing email and absolutely nothing else, that
even a 900Mhz CPU with 128Mb RAM and 30Gb HD would suffice, since it would
only act as a conduit (and it has good bandwidth btw). No email is
actually received there either... it just sends OUT email (the Qmail
servers only relay their mail to that server).

Wouldn't this be the case?

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