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Re: load average question

 Qpopper also has a habit of just stopping, I have have to
reload xinetd several times a day.

I run qpopper here with users keeping mail in /var/mail/username and have no problems what so ever with the setup..

You have your server set to allow alot of "pops" at the same time?

I have this:

pop-3 stream tcp nowait.200 root /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/sbin/in.qpopper -R -B -f /etc/qpopper.conf

Key being: nowait.200

Oh you said this was a redsplat box right now..

I never ran that distro.. went from slackwhore to Debian so I hope it's about the same :)


Had a Debian box ready to go, but when the machine crashed I had to get
something up right then and now so I went with RH because I could do it
in under 30 minutes, plus I had the Sendmail configs.  I ended up using
Suse as well for Cistron Radius.  I only have 3 of these boxes - Mandrake
for the web server, RH for the mail and Suse sits there and does Radius.
I have been planning on moving people off the Mandrake box so I might
move them to the Suse box since it only does Radius, turn the Mandrake
box into Debian and be happy :)


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