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Re: Backup Web Server

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Subject: Backup Web Server

Haha I wonder why you choose to send your email to us select few? ;-)

>          Home User - www.abc.com
>           Server Unit 1 - www.abc.com : but if the unit bogs down
>                                                  it will go to,
>           Server Unit 2 - www.abc.com
> Can this be possible?
> Rizal

Sure... tens of thousands of dollars in equipment can be bought to do
exactly that (check out Cisco and others).

What you're talking about is "load balancing"... it spreads the load out
over 2 servers.

The thing tho.. how does Server Unit 2 know that Server Unit 1 is bogged
down? How does it then "take" some of the traffic? How are sessions
maintained that are already established?

The cheapest/easiest way would be to do "round robin DNS". It certainly
isn't elegant and won't distribute load evenly, but it's the easiest way
in your case (i won't even discuss heartbeat, since you need to ask this
question in the first place, but feel free to do a Google search).

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