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Re: Being new to Debian...

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 22:22, Sonny Kupka wrote:
> Being new to Debian distro, I was just wondering what people's thoughts 
> were on running testing in a ISP environment on a main server..
> I don't want bleeding edge I just want "up to date" software on my servers..

If you're new to Debian, I woudn't.

Start with stable until you're familiar with Debian. When you know the
basic things about the packaging systems, read the apt_preferences man
page: you can easily run stable and install some important software from

Remember: testing does *not* have security support. If a security issue
is discovered, it's solved for stable, and probably very quickly in
unstable, too. testing takes at least 3 days (often more) to catch up -
so you'll be installing things from unstable - this may work or it may

-- vbi

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