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Re: umount Dead NFS Directory

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:25, axacheng wrote:
>     Yes. It is a script that detect the status on the client. The script
>     uses fping first, then showmount, to detect either network or NFS
>     service is down. If unfortunately something happens, the script will
>     try to clean my /var/www using lsof, and then try to umount it. But
>     I never tried to stop apache. Maybe I can give it a try.
>     If I directly ifdown eth0 after the network or NFS service failure,
>     and ifup eth0 after things are done, the problem seems solved. But I
>     think this is not good since if ifup eth0 fail, I cannot handle it
>     remotely.

I have had situations where "ifconfig eth0 down" wouldn't do the job and I had 
to assign the IP address of the NFS server to the loopback device to get it 
to umount.

I'm not sure whether the latest NFS code changes this as I haven't used NFS on 
laptops for a while...

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