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Re: umount Dead NFS Directory

Try doing fuser -m /var/www and findint the PID thats using /var/www and
killing it, then do a umount.

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On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, axacheng wrote:

> Hello there,
>       I got a problem while trying to umount NFS. I have two web servers,
>     one exports its /var/www for NFS share and the other mounts it as its own
>     DocumentRoot too, thus I got two web servers with exactly the same
>     contents. If the one as NFS server malfunctions, the other NFS
>     client should umount its /var/www and link it to the other place.
>       Well, how can I umount the NFS client's /var/www while the NFS
>     services is not available? I use "-o bg,soft,intr,retry=5,timeo=2"
>     as mount arguments and "-f" as umount option. I found that if the
>     NFS client's active interface, eth0 here, is down, I can umount
>     /var/www after a short time due to NFS error. Otherwise, the console
>     is full of messages like "NFS not responding, time out", and it always
>     says "/var/www: Device busy" While I try to umount it.
>       I wonder what makes this happen, and I think that controlling the
>     interface directly to meet my need is a bad idea. Any comment or
>     advice is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Chih-An

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