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Re: cyrus-postfix problems

sorry, I got a little trigger happy and sent this too soon, more detail bellow

bernie wrote:
I've been trying to get a good virtual domain system working for a while now (MTA and IMAP). In my most recent attempt I followed the instruction on this page:


The only thig I did different is I used all the standard woody debs instead of installing from src (exept for the web-cyradm). Everything installed fine, the only error I get is when I try to add the following line to imapd.conf:

    sasl_pwcheck_method: pam

anyway, when I try to start imapd it tells me it doesn't understand that line, and pukes. If I comment out that line the web-cryadm works fine, I can add domains and users... but when I try to authinicate to the imap server it tells me my login info is wron.

Do you have any suggesstions? Or, is there a better MTA/IMAP virtual domain solution that you think would be easier to setup on my woody box?

thanks for the help,

Bernie Berg            |  bberg@circadesign.com
Network Administrator  |  Office:(605)362-6361
Circa Design Company   |  Cell:(605)201-3891

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