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Re: understanding Routing Cisco vs. Linux

Hi Thedore!

what exactly is that you are trying to do...

Does linux support 802.1Q trunking yet? or ISL?

because, by the looks of it, this is what you REALLY want to
do... otherwise? why are you putting the linux box in there?
what benifit does it bring?


On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 06:16:58PM -0400, Thedore Knab wrote:
> Currently, I am creating a simple Linux Router with CQB and Iptables. 
> The machine I have only has 2 interfaces.
> We have the following devices on our network:
> 1 Cisco Catalyst connecting 16 Class C Networks 
> 1 Cisco Router Routing packets to the inside
> The Catalyst uses VLans for our entire network.
> It appears that the Catalyst is doing routing for the virtual networks
> as it should. But, I am scratching my head over how the Catalyst 
> handles incoming and outgoing connections. 
> Traffic seems to flow differently depending on
> its direction. 

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