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Re: FTP Server Review

On 6 Sep 2002, Alan Graham wrote:

> I am about to install an ftp server and was wondering if there are any
> recent reviews I could be pointed to to help in choosing the best
> package.

I have been quite happy with lukemftpd aka NetBSD's ftpd.

Freshmeat says: "It derives its name from the author of most of the
enhanced features, which include per-class configuration directives via
ftpd.conf(5), RFC 2389 and draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-11 support, IPv6,
transfer rate throttling, etc."

There is a lukemftpd Debian package.

See example ftpd.conf at

See example ftpusers at

Off the top of my head I don't know of any server reviews.

  Jeremy C. Reed
echo 'G014AE824B0-07CC?/JJFFFI?D64CB>D=3C427=>;>6HI2><J' |
tr /-_ :\ Sc-y./ | sed swxw`uname`w

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