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Re: disabling reverse map of addresses

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002 19:04, José Alberto Guzmán Ramírez wrote:
>   Anyone knows how to disable reverse lookup of IP addresses in sshd et
> al? I've got a box connected to the net with a dynamic IP and dynamic
> dns service, and the wait time for ssh to present a prompt after not
> finding a reverse map for a given address is kind of annoying...

>From sshd(8):
     -u len  This option is used to specify the size of the field in the utmp
             structure that holds the remote host name.  If the resolved host
             name is longer than len, the dotted decimal value will be used
             instead.  This allows hosts with very long host names that over-
             flow this field to still be uniquely identified.  Specifying -u0
             indicates that only dotted decimal addresses should be put into
             the utmp file.  -u0 is also be used to prevent sshd from making
             DNS requests unless the authentication mechanism or configuration
             requires it.

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