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Re: chrooted sftp users?

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Peter Van Eynde wrote:
> We've got a bunch of users that use ftp to a big server. (think hosted
> websites)
> We want to upgrade those people to ssh, or better sftp. One feature of
> proftpd we are missing is to "chroot" each user in their own tree, so
> they can see only their file and cannot escape. How can we get this?
Variation 1:
ALL USERS will be chrooted:
You put "DefaultRoot ~" in your proftpd.conf

Variation 2:
You make an anonymous session for your users, so users can be separated
wether she wants to be chrooted or not.

<Anonymous ~username>
User username
Group groupname
Anonrequirepassword yes

Hope it helped...


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