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multiple ppp connection on a single linux box

 Hi all,

 I am trying to manage traffick on a linux box connected to 2 different isps 
using separate modems and phone lines. I desire to send traffick generated by 
a specific user to pre allocated ppp link to that user.

 say user 1 (500) 's generated traffick going only down ppp0
        user 2 (501)'s   generated traffick going only down ppp1

This is what I did and unfortunately it is not working

 I have marked the pcket for each user using ip tables with 500 pakets marked 
1 and 501 packets marked 2
 then I created two routing tables user1 and user2 and added the respective 
default route for each table ie

 ip route add default via (ip1 ) dev ppp0 table user1
 ip route add default via (ip2)   dev ppp1 table user2

 and finally add the two rules 
 ip rule add fwmark 1 table user1 table user1
 ip rule add fwmark 2 table user2 table user2

 Using the above was thought enough to get the thing working but helas not. 
Any one has any idea why this is not working
  Michel Lambert

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