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Re: multiple webcams via one linux box


Bernie Berg wrote:
Hi, I have a project that could potentialy have 85 webcams.
> You can get a usb adabpter
to input them into a computer.  Ummm, anyone have luck linking 85 usb
webcams into one linux box?  Anyother sugestions?

USB has a device number limit per bus - and a cable length limit: specifications limit it to 3m (9ft) max - usually recommended is to keep the length below half of it.

Unless you need realtime video I'd suggest you get small video cams (possible to get them for ~200$ each), relay them via a remote (i.e. computer) controlled switch box and feed them into a standard video-in card (e.g. BTT-based). I've seen switch boxes supporting up to 8 video-ins controlled via parallel port - so you probably will have to build your own controller box. Using the parallel port and a number of layered TTL b2d-decoders to trigger a transistor-boosted relais for each input building that box should not be too complicated.


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