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Re: multiple webcams via one linux box

USB can't have more than 63 devices per bus.

ah, yeah I think I heard that somewhere before, thanks

But the main question is, do you want to handle real time video from
each of the cams, all simultaneously, in which case you'll have
serious bandwidth problems, starting on USB ?

It wouldn't need to be "real time" but one snap every 2-3 secs would be nice.

If it's just a matter of taking a snapshot every few seconds, or using
only one video feed at a time, the usb solution might be ok (as long
as you have at least two buses to connect all the cams). There might
just be a few nasty constants in the device drivers, which should be
fairly easy to deal with.

yeah, the device drivers are my main question. Has any one done this with this many cameras? have you used the x10 cameras?


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