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Re: web log analysis

On Thursday, August 22, 2002, at 09:47 AM, Russell Coker wrote:

A client needs a program that does similar things to webalizer, but also allows breaking everything completely by day at least (and preferrably by
hour too).

Doing it the way webalizer does (static web pages and gifs) probably won't scale too well for such use, so something based on a database will probably
be best.

Also ideally it should handle multiple virtual hosts.

Any ideas?

If you're not adverse to paying money, Urchin 4 seems to be quite good and very scalable.

It is, of course, $695 for the first 100 'profiles' (domains I think that means) then $595 for each 100 after that. Obviously, you'd have to charge your client a fee for using Urchin :)

The reports it generates are, however, excellent. Not sure how they compare to the analog + reportmagic mix that Joel suggests, as I've not tried it, but the reports are much better than what analog generates by itself.

It handles virtual hosts with several methods. You can either point it to one big logfile with all the virtualhosts logging there, or you can specify different logs for each virtual host (only scalable to a few hundred domains before you hit FD issues). If you have multiple webservers with load balancing across them, it will handle that too. If you don't want to use the Urchin admin system, you can write scripts to run the urchin log processor manually. Its all well documented.

You can trial it for free, so I'd at least have a look at it, and reportmagic, and anything else you find and compare and see what floats your boat.


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