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pyg,Zope, python probem on SID

Hi List,

Zope and pygm2n stoped working on my sid box.
I get plenty of file not found messages from zope
as soon as I try to use the manage interface and
pygm2n issues the following errors:
deferral: Could_not_find_platform_independent_libraries_<prefix>/Could_not_find_platform_dependent_libraries_<exec_prefix>/Consider_setting_$PYTHONHOME_to_<prefix>[:<exec_prefix>]/'import_site'_failed;_use_-v_for_traceback/Traceback_(most_recent_call_last):/__File_"/usr/bin/pygm2n",_line_17,_in_?/____import_sys,_os/ImportError:_No_module_named_os/

so it looks like python applications are not able to find the default libraries in /lib/python2.1.
I updated yesterday

packets that I'm using are:
pyg                           0.9.6-2
zope                          2.5.1-2
python2.1                     2.1.3-4

can anybody help me?

greets Uwe
please mail hints as I'm not able to access the list at the moment
X-Tec GmbH
Institute for Computer and Network Security
WWW : http://www.x-tec.de/

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