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Re: Posible atack ???

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 09:50:31AM -0300, UnKnown wrote:

> Hi people I'm having some problems here may be someone can give me a hand
> with. The chanel out is compleaty full mrtg grafic is up to the top, and
> when I run netwatch some IP's look out of place most of the hosts on the
> local network show conections to the following the ip x.x.x.255 x.x.x.159
> while the external network show some wierd conections to the following IP
> Local IP		Remote Ip
> may.local.gate.way
> some.host.x.x		svrloc.mcast.net ?????
> some.other.host.x
> some.other.host.x
> If someone can shade some light over this mater I would realy apresiet it.

rak, I couldnt understand a word of what you said...
tell me in private...


Carlos Barros.

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