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Re: Boarding SuSE with Debian

On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 15:13, Michael Holzt wrote:
[installing Debian from the outside]


I'll be doing exactly this in a while, I have already tested this
procedure at home and am just waiting until I can do it for real. Your
guidelines seem sensible, however, I feel I did it even easier:

1. create a tar from a fully working Debian system, as described in your
2. Instead of unpacking in a directory, I disabled swap on the target
system and unpacked into the swap partition. 
3. Recheck you got everything right: kernel, fstab, networking,...
4. install lilo to load the target system from the swap partition
5. boot
6. clean the SuSE away, copy everything from the 'swap' partition to the
target partition.
7. change partitions in fstab and lilo.conf, reinstall lilo
8. boot
9. reenable swap, start installing additional packages and services etc.

I feel this procedure is 'cleaner' because I really can mkfs in the
procedure (changing from ext2 to reiser in the process). If I'm careful
I can even fdisk and change pretty much everything I like (Additional
reboot after fdisk!).

The Debian base system was a 25M tar.bz2 file, sufficiently small to
upload through my 64k line. 

In any case: test on a similar system at home first! Make sure you know
wat you are doing!

(Hmmm... somebody should write this scripted and spread it as a Code-Red
like worm.... Let the Debian worm install Debian on all infected IIS
installations... :-] )

-- vbi

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