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Re: /root/ drwxr-xr-x? possible solution?


El mié, 07-08-2002 a las 15:00, Loren Jordan escribió:

> The adduser package asks a question during the configuration phase of the 
> install of that package.  It asks if you want "world readable" home 

> I find it surprising that nobody has provided a patch to the specific part 
> of the Debian install system to ask the question about root's directory and 
> them make the required changes (chmod) if needed.

Well, YOU did not provide a patch, right? ;-)

> I personally chmod 700 /root on every one of my machines and don't worry 
> about the default setting.  I would answer "NO" to the question asking if 
> root's home directory should be world readable if that question were to be 
> asked.

People tend to believe, that you won't ever put *any* file into /root,
because you *never* log into the root account to "do" tings.

You use the sysadmins, or any other account, and us "su" in the momento
you need root access.

The root account only exists, to give you a home when you go single user
and the like.

So starting to hide what should not be there means encouraging bad

However for "single-user" installations thinks are different then for
Servers on the Internet, and Debian should not restrict itself by en
elitee auto-perception of higly sofisticated unix administration.

If there would be one more question with low priority in debconf, it'd
just be handy for a lot of users.  The default should be world-readable
root directories.

Throw it in, and send the patch to the maintainer!  If they don't like
it, you can set up your unofficial utility package on any server, so
people who like it can download it from there.

Best Regards,


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