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Re: Boarding SuSE with Debian

Florian Bantner wrote:
> Ahoy friendly Debian fellows,
> my mission is following: Have rented a cheap server from
> an cheap hoster for a customer of ours. Only drawback: It
> is running suse linux. Since the provider is so cheap, he
> tells us: Do with the server what you want. And so I want
> Debian to take over. The problem:
> 	1. No access to neither floppy nor cd-rom
> 	2. Only service I get is pressing the reset button
> 	3. The other service is to reinstall base suse-
> 	   installation if the server fails to come up. 
> 	   This will cost me 70 EUR/USD
> What is the best way to get Debian on this box? And how
> can I avoid the reboot->fail->reinstall->pay->tray again
> trap?

Install debian in a chroot with debootstrap. If you have a spare
partition to use as the chroot you can eventually make it the bootalbe

see shy jo

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