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Re: Setting up an SSL Server

On 3 Aug 2002, Shri Shrikumar wrote:

> Hi,
> How would one go about setting up an ssl server. Do I need to purchase a
> certificate for Verisign or anything ? What are the costs involved ?
> I've found OpenSSL - Is that adequate for an online shop ? Also, how
> difficult is it to set up SSL / Apache SSL.


You can do 2 things: buy a certificate from a trusted party (e.g. Thawte
or OpenSRS), or use an unsigned certificate. You can create an unsigned
certificate yourself, but visitors of the https-site will be notified that
the cert is unsigned. A certificate should cost you somewhere between $100
and $200 a year...

OpenSSL is very well capable of hosting a SSL site. Apache-ssl and Apache
with mod-ssl are other possibilities. 

Installing isn't that hard. Just run "apt-get apache-ssl", and check
http://www.apache-ssl.org for information on configuring SSL if you want
to use apache-ssl.


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