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Performance Problems in secure network and Reconstruction required

Hello Debianer, 

I run a Class C network and I have reserver 16 IP's for a 
secure network 

I had in the network following:

x.x.x.96  NW    
x.x.x.97  GW to Router
x.x.x.98        omega           shttp   apache
x.x.x.99        omega-db        postgreSQL         2x7x36GB (RAID-1)
x.x.x.100       omega-acc       \
x.x.x.101       omega-acc1       \
x.x.x.102       omega-acc2        | SSL-Access-Server 33/56/64/128k
x.x.x.103       omega-acc3       /
x.x.x.104       omega-acc4      /
x.x.x.110       omega-backup    HB Surestore 12000e
x.x.x.111 BC

Now, I was working for the french Governement and on the postgreSQL 
is a Database about Persons and an Video/Picture-Identification 
System for finding persons... 

omega is a PPro200 with 64 MByte and works quiet well

omegadb is a quad PPro200 with 1024 MByte of memory and give me to 
much trouble, because the Video/Picture-Identification System need 
all resources... 

It give me only 6 MBit on a 3Com 3c905B-TX. 

Now I have splitted my Servers in smaller parts like:

x.x.x.98        omega           shttp

x.x.x.99        omega-db        postgreSQL              2x7x36GB

x.x.x.100       omega-pic       ssl-nfs -> omega        
                                Stores about 280 GByte in JPEG's 
                                without compression up to 3072x2048/32

x.x.x.101       omega-accdb     postgreSQL + Radius
                                Client-Identification from 
                                Network and Access-Server

x.x.x.102       omega-acc       \
x.x.x.103       omega-acc1       \
x.x.x.104       omega-acc2        | SSL-Zugangsserver 33/56/64/128k
x.x.x.105       omega-acc3       /
x.x.x.106       omega-acc4      /

x.x.x.107       omega-ident     Calculates the Video/Pics for 

x.x.x.108                       free
x.x.x.109                       free

x.x.x.110       omega-backup    HB Surestore 12000e

Now my omega-db runs betwee 14 and 17 MBits, but thats nothing !!!
I will get a 34 Mbit-Backbone next year in Strasbourg an I need 
more Power. 

I have created this Network with the postgreSQL-HOWTO and some other 
Informations on the Net, and it works, but I need some Tips for a 
reconstruction. Maybe for a better design. 

But I have not more than 13 IP's availlable. 

The other thing ist the Autentication on the Customer side, because 
it is Proxy with ssh-Tunneling and has directly nothing to do with 
the Customer, because the Customer install the server in its Network 
and use it like a Proxy, and its me, which choose the authentication. 

The same is, if the Customer contact my Network via Access-Server. 

What about LDPA and how does it work ? I do not understand, how to 
integrate it into my Database. 

Thanks in Advance

Michelle Konzack

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