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Re: /root/ drwxr-xr-x?

> > short version: /root 755 is no security risk and it wont get changed
> >                either. If you want, set it to 0700 on your box.
> > long version: search the list archives (both -user and -devel will have
> >               some hits I guess).

Assuming you dont have any sensitive data in root of course. Like a my.cnf
file with your root mysql password, or one of the many other possibilites
for password or perhaps even sourcecode exposure (should you have developed
tools for use on your system by all users, or similar, and left the source
in roots home for whatever reason)

If it's not a security risk, and will 'never be changed', why does debian
now allow you the option of setting the home directories (when created) to
be user readable only now, instead of setting 755 like it used to?


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