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Re: General Apache-Question

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 02:46:08PM +0200, Jones Down wrote:
> package apache-ssl is the apache with compiled in ssl statically?

> package apache is apache build with module support?
Yes. apache-ssl has module support, too.

> So  if  I  want  an  ssl  apache  it´s  ok  to have package apache and
> libapache-mod-ssl, right?
Yes, but modssl is a different implementation of SSL. There are two of them:
1) Apache Group's one - apache-ssl
2) modssl (http://modssl.org/)
I prefer modssl, as it has more features and better documentation.

> In other words, it´s redundant to have installed packages "apache" AND
> "apache-ssl"?

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