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Re: LDAP in an ISP

On Tue Jul 23 2002 at 09:00:20AM +0800 'Daniel Hooper' <dhooper@ofc.emerge.net.au> wrote:

> Does anyone run an LDAP back end within an ISP ? Im looking to rebuild
> the ISP and use ldap with some sort of radius configuration. Has anyone
> got any sort of expeirence with this? Basically im just wanting to know
> what to use, livingston/cistron ? and is LDAP really what I should be
> using, or is there something funkier ?

We use Radius Radiator [www.open.com.au/radiator]. It has numerous auth
modules (LDAP being one). We generally need to do some interesting
things that span multiple databases (LDAP being one) to authenticate a

Radiator can delegate auth requests to an external script which is how we
implement this.

Radiator is not free (and many say it is not very scalable but we have not
run into any issues).



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