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Perl on woody - fixing faulty install

Hi folks,

I am looking for assistance to fix my install of Perl on a woody debian install. The debian was upgraded from potato. Several error messages keep exposing themselves, complaining that Net::FTP is not installed, when I try to update modules, etc through CPAN. This is a catch 22 situation as the process fails because it can't get files from the net but it needs to get files from CPAN. I have removed unwanted perl deb packages and then have used apt-get to clean and reinstall the suspect packages but with no success. I have done some searching to seek an answer but found nothing suitable. I have had similar difficulties in the past and eventually got perl to use lynx as the download agent. But I can't remember how I did it. Any suggestions from your collective experiences about this problem would be welcome.

John Egan

Highway Internet Services
Mudgee, NSW

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