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Spamassassin and Qmail

Hi All

I've been trying to get Spamassassin working with Qmail for a few days with no luck. All I want it to do it tag the messages as spam so they can be filtered by the email clients easily. I've applied the qmail-queue patch and set the qmailqueue variable to point to the script I want it to run (contents below)


exec /usr/bin/spamc /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject -n


From what I can understand from the spamassassin documentation (which is very brief, and has almost no info on setting it up server side), you need to interrupt the delivery queue and send it through spamassassin first, which is fine and my setup should be working. Spamd is running and the sample-spam files work fine, headers are added etc.

I believe my problem is in the above script as everything else I can find says you need to run qmail-qfilter or a full blown virus scanner system, but I don't want to filter the messages, just add the headers, and I don't want to do email scanning in this box. I'm starting to think that qmail isn't checking the variable but there is no way to check (as far as I know), but I''ve definatly patched qmail properly and installed the modified binaries.

Anyone have any ideas?


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