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Re: Cyrus IMAP

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 09:40:02 CDT, "Gregory Wood" writes:
>I am trying to configure IMAP for a customer. I used dselect and got the=
> 'required' Cyrus IMAP server. The first thing that struck me as strange is=
> that it didn't generate any config files. So, I went to the Cyrus home=
> page and got the install instructions and started working through that.=
> One line says, 'tools/mkimap'. Only there is not tools directory and no=
> mkimap script anywhere on my system.
>Where have I gone wrong?

1st: You've sent your mail in both text and HTML. DO NOT send 
 HTML-mail, PLEASE. http://expita.com/nomime.html
2nd: Have a look at /etc/imapd.conf
3rd: Configure cyrus (cyrdeliver) as delivery agent (MDA) in your MTAs 
4th: Setup some IMAP-mailboxes (`cyradm localhost`, make sure the
 cyradm-user exists in whatever way you configured via imapd.conf), 
 create the cyrus-mailboxes per `cm user.$mailboxname` in cyradm.
5th: Have fun!

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