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Re: throttle pop3 access

From: "Tinus Nijmeijers" <tinus@deephosting.com>
> On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 02:20, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> > (I maintain vm-pop3d. It doesn't support that. I have thought about it
> > before, but I am more concerned with users that continue to leave mail
> > server. I am more interested in a non-RFC option so all RETReived mail
> > DELEted automatically.)
> >
> vm-pop3d was the one I was hoping to work with.
> btw why are you concerned with users leaving mail as to go non-RFC on
> them? disk space is soo cheap.
> Maybe something that would DELE RETR'd mails after a period?

Because the popd running over 55MB every 3 mins sends my system load waaaay

BTW, anyone knows of a IMAPD which works with mbox, and faster(?) than
Too many users with large mailboxes.  I am scared of converting to maildir
on a live

Sanjeev "Happy vm-pop3d user" Gupta

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