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reiserfs superblock


I've lost my superblock. I rebuilt it using reiserfsck
(also tree). All reiserfstools state that partition
is ok, i can also list files using debugreiserfs, but
i can't mount the partition. During boot kernel states:

super-459: read_super_block: super found at block 16 is
within its own log. It must not be of this format type.
read_super_block: can't find a reiserfs filesystem on
dev 16:42, block 8, size 1024

So i tried to create superblock at block 8 but
reiserfsck has no option for this (afaik). I tried
with other versions 3.6.x and 3.5.x but no success
also. It is set in block 2 or 16.

How can i restore proper superblock or copy data
from that partition (or mount)?

Thanks in advance

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