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network watchdog hardware/software

I'm using a "business class" cable modem setup with Roadrunner. Actually, it works pretty well and the reliability is OK. However, when it goes down, the tech support line's first answer is always to reset the router (a Cisco br905). Amazingly and annoyingly enough, that usually works. The problem is that it's not always easy to do a power cycle because there's not always someone where the router is.

I think I need a software watchdog that pings several external sites every five minutes or so, and if all the pings fail twice in a row (or some other metric), twiddles a control line on a serial or parallel port that can drive an external relay to cycle power to the router.

I'm sure I can hack all that together, but before I do, I wonder if (a) someone's already done the software daemon, and (b) whether there exists a reasonably-priced box that provides a switched AC outlet based on a control signal.



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