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Re: pppd+radius ?


On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Maxim Kalinkevich wrote:

> How it is possible to organize billing system for VPN clients connected
> through ethrnet in a local network?

Yes, if you have a pppd that does RADIUS accounting. A while ago, I did
a patch for someone that does just that.

> Wanted to use xtradius but I can not find pppd working with radius (pppd
> from portslave in such situation to work I think will not be).

Portslave's pppd doesn't do accounting, no.

> The main thing that there was an opportunity --- to break off VPN
> connection through the certain time interval ( as SESSION_TIMEOUT in
> radius). Who did(made) something similar? Or someone has forced to
> work pppd without portslave with radius server ?

My patch to add RADIUS support to pppd 2.4.1b2 is independent from
Portslave. It uses OpenRADIUS' packet encoder/decoder, and supports

* Authentication through PAP, CHAP and MSCHAPv2
* MPPE support with key derivation from RADIUS
* RADIUS accounting
* Multiple redundant RADIUS servers for both authentication and

You can find it at http://www.xs4all.nl/~evbergen/download/ .



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