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Re: Analog ( + Report Magic)

On Sun, 2002-06-16 at 07:37, Martin WHEELER wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, SZALAY Attila wrote:
> > The ownership and the restrictions are not what analog expects.
> > If you run analog through a cgi script @ http, then the logfiles MUST
> > have chmod 644 with any ownership, or have a 640 with at least chgrp
> > www-data.
> OK.  Leaving ownership.group at root.adm, and chmodding all files to 644
> gives me readable output.
> But how do I guarantee that all future log files will be generated 644?
> (Alternatively, in group www-data.)  Currently, they're being generated
> 640.  Any clues gratefully appreciated.
> > > Apache's logs are root.adm 540.
> > 540???
> Sorry -- brain-fart.  Meant 640.

The permissions are set by "logrotate".  According to the Apache's
changelog.Debian.gz, the switch from "savelog" happened December 2001.

You would control the log file permissions and ownerships by editing

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