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Re: Antivirus setup?

> I can see your point on the performance problem.  I know openantivirus
is in
> Java, I wasn't terribly excited about that either.  I was more or less
> hoping for some kind of cross platform C code.  Many of the folks
> with openantivirus have been/are involved with amavis as well so on the
> had I would have expected more.  On the other hand, amavis was initially
> done in perl I think (which can also be quite slow), thus the advent of
> amavisd which is great leap in the right direction.

Actually, on most of the servers we install, Java isn't even installed at
all. So it just simply won't run. On the other hand, perl usually is
included with most large distros (Debian, redhat, etc.)

> The two primary components of any virus scanner is 1: the scanning
> and 2: the signiture database.  I wouldn't mind trying to help out an
> antivirus solutions, but beyond what I've already said here, I just
> know much about how they are written.  I might be able to solicity a
> bit of assistence from some of the professors I had at the Unviersity
> getting my CS degree and I suppose I might be able to base some of it on
> open antivirus project, just convert it to c instead....
> hmmm, what do u have in mind?

to tell the truth, I have no idea what the options are regarding designing
a new antivirus product from scratch... that just isn't my field of
expertise, and I have little experience with antivirus/virus design as
well, so I can't say i'd know much about virii in general.

Of course, I usually suggest helping out an existing project instead of
re-inventing the wheel, but in this case, the only one that seems
available is Openantivirus, and it doesn't, IMHO, appear very well
developed yet, and basing the project on Java, when you know it will be
run on servers and such, doesn't seem like a very good design decision.

Perhaps there are other worthy projects that we are not aware of yet?

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