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LDAP integration in EXIM

Hi all,

I am trying to do some LDAP integration for Mail Aliases in exim.
I will add a director to exim.conf in order to support aliases.

But I am looking for the correct standard for MailAlias in LDAP....

I found the MailRouter Schema, and add this kind of declaration :
   attributetype ( NAME 'mailAlias'
       DESC 'Mail router alias' SUP name )

   attributetype ( NAME 'mailAliasedName'
       DESC 'Mail router aliased name' SUP name )

   objectclass ( NAME 'mailAlias'
       DESC 'Mail alias' SUP top AUXILIARY
       MUST ( mailAlias $ mailAliasedName )
       MAY ( description $ dc ) )

Which is from some IETF Draft... but with my openldap install schemas are not declared with way but through .at.conf and .oc.conf file.... And I have :

Jun 10 17:08:39 toto slapd[10767]: /etc/openldap/mailrouter.schema: line 25: unknown directive
"attributetype" outside database definition (ignored)

FurtherMore, PADL Migration tools, seem to prefere Sun NIS extension...

So, what is the better way (and the debian way ;) to do that ?

Help in advance...



PS : please cc me for answer, I am still waiting for subscription mail to debian-isp

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