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Click-Trail web-log analyser


this is a dumb FAQ:

I'm looking for a software, preferred free to adapt it, that can extract
clicktrails from web logs. 
we have a customer that useses URL Rewrite to put a sessionid in the url,
and now wants to know what pages the customer viewd in what order, where he
start and leaves etc...

Analog and webalizer don't do the trick here...
Ans i'm to lazy (and stupid :) to write a tool by myself...

Any Hints?

Thanks in advance,


    Andreas Rabus
    entity38 AG

    Theresienstraße 29
    80333 München

    Tel +49 (89) 286772-27
    Fax +49 (89) 286772-21
    ISDN +49 (89) 286772-30
    ICQ #132675697


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