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Kernel rebooting

	I've asked this question last week, and I hope that now, some of you can help me.
	I've compiled the 2.4.18 kernel on my Celeron (Covington) with a Intel 440LX/EX with two ethernet adapters 
(one RTL8139 and one RTL8029), and I have the following problem:
	When booting, after detecting the hard disks (I suppose prior to configuring the IDE or the network 
adapters, I don't know), the computer suddenly reboots. Why is that ?
	I want to mention that the same kernel compiled and ran without problems on an Intel 133MHz with two 
RTL8139 NICs.
	I had these problems no matter what kernel I was compiling, from 2.4.13 to 2.4.18. What could be the 
problem ? A guy here said he had the same problem, but he managed to make it work by compiling the NAT as 
modules. I was compiling them in the kernel. Could that be the problem ? Must I set those "Use PIO insted of  
MMIO" option in kernel config ? Could that be the root of all evil ? :)
	Hope you can help me. Thanks a lot in advance

		Alexandru Stefan-Voicu, Digital Design Group server administrator. 

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