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filtering mail for each virtual user

I don't know if this mail came to the list, again:


Can  you  help  me  how to setup filtering mail for each user under virtual
domains ?

I have Postfix and all is under virtusertable, for ex.:
michal@domena.cz          michal.domena.cz
honza@domena.cz           honza.domena.cz

and in aliases is for ex.:
michal.domena.cz:      /home/virtual/domena.cz/michal
honza.domena.cz:       /home/virtual/domena.cz/honza

But what can I do when user wants to filter mail to different boxes/folders?
for ex.:
each mail from tomas@domena.cz goes to /home/virtual/domena.cz/michal.tomas

I think there can be procmail used, but how? I imagine this:
michal.domena.cz:     "| /usr/bin/procmail -m /home/virtual/domena.cz/michal.proc"

But how about cpu and disk consumption? do you have any other ideas?

Thank you for any reply.

Michal Novotny

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