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Economy Mail Server - need advice :)

G'day all!

For the last 5 years I've been running a 33.6K ISP. It's now time to
upgrade. In the process I intend to change my isp name, and <i>hopefully</i>
either build my own mail server or use someone else's.

My Happy but tiny Debian box on a 686-PR200 running 150MHz with 64M RAM has
been running a breed of radius, apache and squid.

With roughly 400 users on the books I am quite sure my 3 Gig HDD is not
going to be big enough. (perhaps it would be close if I kill squid and
enable limits??)  However, is the CPU and RAM sufficient to run a mail
server, or is it really upgrade time.

I have never set up an email server either - so am open to suggestions as to
what's best to use. I have heard good reports of SpamAssassin as well, and
wouldn't mind integrating that; perhaps as a later date. I may even need
support from someone - so am potentially open to offers.

Thanks for your time :) Debian is certainly a hell of a lot more hackerproof
than RedHat was :)

Cheers, Michael Kean.

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