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Re: MySQL on iSCSI or IPSAN?

Hello Dan Nelson <dnelson@allantgroup.com>,

Is there any lock problem on iSCSI or SAN environment?
Say, mutliple mysql server mount the backend iSCSI or SAN storage device.
Is it safe?

On Fri, 17 May 2002 12:49:01 -0500
Dan Nelson <dnelson@allantgroup.com> wrote:

> In the last episode (May 18), Patrick Hsieh said:
> > Hello list,
> > 
> > How does MySQL support iSCSI or IPSAN infrastructure?
> MySQL does not care.  Your OS handles access to devices.  As long as
> your OS can put a filesytem on it, MySQL will use it.
> > Is it wise to put MySQL data in iSCSI or IPSAN storage appliance?
> As long as your hardware is stable I don't see it as any different from
> a Fibre-channel SAN.
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> 	Dan Nelson
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