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Re: A Linux version of system and network monitoring?

On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 04:26:18PM -0600, Crawford Rainwater wrote:
> Folks,
> Does anyone know of a Linux based system and network
> monitoring program out there?  Similar to Tivoli or
> HP OpenView, preferably under GPL and free?  If so,
> links and such would be great.
	I have been looking for such a thing for quite
some time, there are already some very good answers in
this thread. In any case, free software has yet to get
to the functionality provided by the HP Openview suite
or Tivoli. For example, there is not (yet) an integrated
framework for both network management (through SNMP)
and system management (through local agents) similar
to the one provided by propietary systems.

> This would be used to monitor a remote system being
> "up" or "down" along with potentially UPS networked
> device as well.

	Nobody mentioned it, but Debian ships also
with cheops which provides a GNOME gui for network monitoring.
*However* it is not as thorough as netsaint et al, useful
if you want a GUI however.


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