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Re: installing adaptec 2400a RAID card

On Sun, 28 Apr 2002 at 13:03:10 -0400, Andrew Kaplan wrote:
> How do I install debain ( 2.2.r_6)with an Adaptec 2400a RAID card. On the CD
> I only see RedHat and Suse.
> Thanks,
> Andrew P. Kaplan
> Network Administrator
> CyberShore, Inc.
> http://www.cshore.com

I have installed Debian potato on a machine with Adaptec 2100S RAID
controller. I don't know whether 2400a uses the same driver.

It would be rather time-consuming for me to describe exactly the way I've
done it (English isn't my native language).

Shortly: on another machine I have had to compile the kernel with
the dpt_i2o driver included (_not_ as a module). Having this new kernel, I
have replaced a kernel on a installation floppy with the new kernel.
During the installation I have had to do some "manual" changes.

If above description isn't sufficient, write and I'll try to find the

Hope that helps
 Tomasz Papszun   SysAdm @ TP S.A. Lodz, Poland  | And it's only
 tomek@lodz.tpsa.pl   http://www.lodz.tpsa.pl/   | ones and zeros.

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