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Re: disable md5 passwords

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Andrew Kaplan wrote:

> How do I disable md5 passwords on my debain box. Also is there a way to
> convert DES passwords to MD5

You could convert DES by writing new PAM, login or other routines that
generate the new MD5 password based on the plaintext after they
authenticate with the password correctly. (I don't know of anyone that has
already done it though.)

Why do you want to disable MD5, but convert to MD5?

  Jeremy C. Reed
echo 'G014AE824B0-07CC?/JJFFFI?D64CB>D=3C427=>;>6HI2><J' |
tr /-_ :\ Sc-y./ | sed swxw`uname`w

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