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libsasl2 from debian/unstable


I use debian woody and I am trying to use a newer version od sasl/cyrus than
there is in woody, so I used the source from sid ...

But I have problems, unlike sasl 1.5.x on the old server with Slackware I
just cannot configure it correctly, I think there is also a problem with
this version of libsasl.

How is it possible, that selecting a mechanism that should exist, is
mentioned in man page and also in commented part of /etc/defaults/saslauthd: 

# You must specify the authentication mechanisms you wish to use.
# This defaults to "pam" for PAM support, but may also include
# "shadow" or "sasldb"

produces this error:

ripley:/etc# /etc/init.d/saslauthd start
Starting SASL Authentication Daemon: saslauthd: unknown authentication
mechanism: sasldb

Does anyone use a newer version od libsasl with cyrus imap on woody? Any
help would be appreciated, I need a pop3/imap solution with non-system
accounts :)


Andraz Hvalica                      |   Warning: Dates in Calendar are
andraz@amis.net                     |   closer than they appear.

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