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Re: DNS weirdness


On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Russell Coker wrote:

> I've attached a brief tcpdump snippet showing an unusually large DNS delay.
> I have /etc/resolv.conf configured for 127.0.01, and BIND 8.3.1-2 on
> localhost is doing the lookups.
> I type "host www.ME.ISP.com" and it takes 5 seconds, I would like to know why.
> ADSL is the IP address of my PC connected to the net by ADSL.

Looking at that, I'd go strace bind (if it's not too busy that is). The
tcpdump shows that all its questions were answered at the point of the
delay, so it must be busy playing with itself somehow -- unless it tries
to first send a query through another interface (one you didn't snoop
on), but of course a strace will tell you that anyway.

Sorry if this is all too obvious...



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