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Re: Courier IMAP authldap with OpenLDAP

Thedore Knab escribio:
> I was wondering if anyone is success fully running openldap from the
> debian packages with Courier IMAP's LDAP module for authentication.
I'm currently using it in my test box.

> I am using the woody packages for Courier IMAP and Open-LDAP.
> ii  courier-authda 0.37.3-1       Courier Mail Server authentication ii
>  courier-base   0.37.3-1       Courier Mail Server Base System
> ii  courier-debug  0.37.3-1       Debugging Tools for Courier Mail ii
> courier-doc    0.37.3-1       Documentation for the Courier Mail ii
> courier-imap   1.4.3-1        IMAP daemon with PAM and Maildir ii
> courier-ldap   0.37.3-1       LDAP support for Courier Mail Server ii
> maildrop       1.3.7-2        mail delivery agent with filtering
I'm using woody and sid for the testing (there are two boxes, in fact, one
at work, and the other one at home).

> I noticed something in the authldaprc file about openldap having
> memory leaks. Does anyone have any info on this ?
It looks like ITS #1116 is closed.
> # OpenLDAP that affect this option, see ITS #1116 in openldap.org's bug
> # tracker.  Avoid using this option until these leaks are plugged. #
> # LDAP_AUTHBIND         1
I'm using this option
> LDAP_GLOB_UID           vmail
> LDAP_GLOB_GID           vmail

Does $HOME/Maildir belong to this UID/GID?
> My ldap info follows the example in the /usr/doc/courier-ldap package
> dn: mail=useradmin2@washcoll.edu,ou=mailaccounts,dc=washcoll,dc=edu
> objectclass: couriermailaccount
> mail: useradmin2@washcoll.edu
> mail: useradmin2
> cn: mail user admin
> uidNumber: 1001
> gidNumber: 1001
> homedirectory: /home/staff/useradmin2
> quota: 10M
> clearpassword: useradmin2
> description: courier user admin no shell account

Why are you using uidNumber/gidNumber attributes? In that case
you should use LDAP_UID and LDAP_GID instead of the globals


You should try some sniffing to see the ldap auth working. I
use it to make my debugging. (ethereal rulez   x)    )


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